New Hampshire Sewer Camera Inspections

Are you in need of a sewer inspection? Were you told you need to excavate your sewer and want a second opinion?

Buying a home?

Is the sewer OK? 

Sewer keep backing up?

A bad sewer can cost you thousands to replace. Many times I hear new home owners say but the home inspector said it was fine! Most home inspectors only carry a ladder and a clip board not a sewer camera. So how would they know? All they know is it drained while they were there and as long as there is a small opening in the sewer it will drain or leaking into the ground? Does your sewer have roots, sags, mis joints, offsets cracks waiting to fail?

 Call Mt. Washington Sewer for your sewer inspection needs. We don’t excavate this way we give you peace of mind knowing you really need or don’t need to have your sewer lateral replaced.

We can provide you with a color inspection up to 200 feet

Call today (603) 752-2145 0r (603) 356-6555


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